Anima Mundi awarded in Venice

We are pleased to announce that the video “Anima Mundi“, by Lorenzo Marzocca, has been awarded with the “Best Video Filmagogia 2015” prize and the Special Mention of the Jury from the Filmagogia Foundation, as part of the 72th International Film Festival of Venice 2015.

Lorenzo-PremioThe contest has been promoted by the following Institutions:

  • Augusta Pini Foundation;
  • Filmagogia Foundation;
  • Visual, Performative and Medial Arts Department of the University of Bologna;
  • Chair of Audiovisual and Multimedial Education – FISSPA Department, University of Padova;
  • Bologna Film Library;
  • Aimaproject SA;
  • Media-Archive;
  • Extra – Extraordinary Culture & Ideas magazine;
  • Association Specchio;
  • Research Center Pier Paolo Pasolini Archive;
  • Fuorivista editorial Cinema and Media;
  • Cives Universi Centro Internazionale di Cultura.

It seems very important that through the award to the author, a new message has been welcomed and supported: the message that calls for a transdisciplinary Science of Man, which can regain the ability to integrate and transform its human dimension and recompose the various fields of knowledge into one cognitive horizon: the Anima Mundi.

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2 pensieri riguardo “Anima Mundi awarded in Venice

  • 14 Settembre 2015 in 13:16

    É uma boa noticia pra a gente que trabalha pela transdsiciplinaridade! Parabems pra Lorezo!

    • 14 Settembre 2015 in 13:21

      obrigado Domingo, uma grande satisfação!


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